Thursday, May 12, 2011

What's Love Got to Do with It?

There’s a word that we hear so frequently but I don’t believe it’s capturing its true meaning. It has become a by word. The value of the word has been taken so lightly people have lost the essence of its true meaning. Love, a word so loaded but we don’t fully understand it’s power. A word so misused we can’t understand it’s impact. A word so desired we don’t comprehend the lengths and depths people go through looking and searching for it. Love is as alive as the sun for some, while extinct like a dinosaur to others. Love is as real as a rose for some, a figment of imagination for others. I believe in order to fully experience it from the outside it must first be inside. Many people think they love others but how can you truly love another when you don’t love yourself? Many look for an outward fulfillment to heal an internal issue.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


The term beauty is often used to describe everything from people and places to thoughts and ideas.  Unfortunately, much of what we attribute to beauty is only external.  However, there is a beauty that abides internally.  Few venture into a journey of discovery to bring out that beauty.  The purpose of this book is to allow what’s on the inside of you to become beautiful and be reflected on the outside.  I hope to inspire you to boldly embark upon the process of discovering your beauty through an internal transformation.

This book is a three-part process.  First, you’ll learn how to determine your skin type.  Next, I’ll share real life inspirational experiences with you that will encourage you on your journey.  Lastly, we’ll have a heart-to-heart about real issues that affect our images of beauty and learn how to discover a healthy self-image.

Book-The Beauty of Holiness: A Practical Guide for Beauty from the Inside Out By MaShani Allen. This books gives practical skills to care for your natural ans spiritual skin. Do you know what type of skin you're in? Coming Soon!!!!!!!!